Always Better on the Lake

Let’s Go Fishin’


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June Fishing

It has been a good week. We have caught spots on topwater and that’s always fun. We also have caught stripers on topwater, planer boards, free lines and down lines. So the fish are active now is a great time to go fishing.

May 27

We have caught fish on the surface early in the day on spooks and flukes also had fish chase a red fin but didn’t seem to want it. We were marking fish on the HummingBird and would drop bait to them on down lines and could catch them most the time. I tried something new this week a friend caught bait and we used those blue backs, they worked well. The size of the bait was 2 to 4 inches for the most part. Some windy days but still a day on the lake

May 21 2017

Fishing has been good for the last few weeks and the fish are acting like they are suppose to this time of year for the most part.

We have had fish coming to the top early in the day and offering some exciting surface action. Nothing more fun than throwing a topwater lure like red fins, flukes, or spooks and hooking up with a nice fish on a spinning rod.

We have pulled blue backs from 35 feet to free lines and have caught fish at every level.

On May 17 we were lucky enough to participate in the Law Enforcement appreciation event and had a great time with Gwinnett’s Finest and caught a few fish as well.

At times it is hard to keep the spots and catfish off your lines but they are fun to catch.

So fishing is good and we have some openings give us a call and let’s go fishing.

April 29th

This weekend started out nicely at first light. Fish were active with a few surfacing fish but only singles here and there. I was marking fish on the Hummingbird at around 25 feet and the fish I caught was on a large minnow and down rigged line at about 20 feet. Other than strippers some nice spots were also caught on the planner boards with a couple split shots on the line also on large minnows.

The weather was nice and the boats were thick.

This week Im going to try some points at the beginning to creeks before daylight with redfins. Ill let you know how we do. Know better way to start the day.

April 14, a good week on the lake.

We started fishing before daylight looking for the early bite; the water was very calm. We found some fish on points with a chrome red fin in about 4 feet of water. When the sun was up we started marking fish on the Hummingbird at about 25 feet. We started pulling bait with planer boards and caught spots. The striper bite was slow until we added a couple of split shots to our bait lines then we had a difficult time keeping bait on the lines. We were seeing the fish on the Hummingbird that we were catching. We also caught a big gar and let him go at the boat. All in all it was a great week I think the next week will be even better.

Time to Plan Your Fishing Trip

The stripers are biting and the weather is perfect. Lake Lanier Striper Expeditions can custom design your next fishing trip. Contact us to book your striper fishing trip now!

Fish28 Fish14

All Those Fish Waiting for You

There is nothing better than being on the lake and catching a few of these beauties. We live for fishing and know how to find the best spots for a day of successful catching.

Give us a holler and we will help you catch a few of these too. Let’s Go Fishin’!